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01 July 2008 @ 12:59 pm
Hey would anybody happen to have a copy of the About a Boy soundtrack by Badly Drawn Boy? Pretty sure it's an amazing album for an equally amazing film, which me and my mum love to bits!
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16 September 2007 @ 10:43 pm
See, this is why I didn't sign up for the new DD. Everyone has turned into negative nightmares. Seriously, at the old DD everybody was careful to respect people's opinions (which is how it should be), but now it's like everything has suddenly changed, and it's given them the right to be utter bitches. Guys, we're not fighting. We're there to have fun and discuss our favourite films, and make new friends. If you don't like a film, well great, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. Sheesh.

Anyway, moving on. ^^; Had my semi-formal last night. It was okay, but I wish I took my friend Campbell instead. My date ditched me at the last minute and went to another pre without me, but we talked a bit during the night. Ah well. XD The DJ was a bit iffy, but it was still fun and HOMG PHOTOS. Yeah when I get those, I'll post them up. Look for the girl in the pink ruffles OH YEAH. I'm cool. XD

EDIT: Forgot to add, I started watching Sailor Moon S again. I really forgot how incrediably awesome and funny it is, seriously there is no other anime that makes me LOL as much as SM, particularly Usagi. My God, everything about her is perfect; the animation on her freakouts with Rei, her "cute-Mamo-Chan" moments, and her voice especially. And I think I've found my new favourite Senshi, dun dun dun! Haruka/Sailor Uranus! Best attacks, best attitude, best everthing. Love her design to pieces. Her introduction episode is PRICELESS. Rei+Mako: WHERE IS THE HOT GUY?!
Camera: *Pans across Haruka until they realise it's her*
Minako: *biggest sweatdrop moment ever*

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15 September 2007 @ 11:16 am
I seriously had THE best Beckett (from PotC) dream last night, and man, I'm not even obsessed with him or anything. We were on this island thing that was sort of like the Tom Sawyer Island at Disneyland (even though I've never been there before), and for some reason we waded into the water (him in full gear!) and well, we got wet. So we had to go back to the grand house/parliament place and my "mother" (she wasn't my RL mum, I was like a character XD) looked at my wet clothes disapprovingly and I'm just like, "I was with Lord Beckett". She got off my case because I had been spending time with him...and that was good? LOL I have NO idea. Anywho, then Beckett had to go to parliament and I was trying to get his attention and it so didn't work, and then he emerged without his wig, because during the second part of Parliament they don't wear their wigs. In my weird dream. XD

I don't remember much else but, DAMN it was a good dream. Aw yeah.
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30 June 2007 @ 08:50 pm
Today I bought Bill Nighy's fantastic tele-movie called "The Girl in the Cafe", after seeing some clips on youtube and falling in love with the awkward but touching relationship between the two main characters. But what I didn't realise is that this film has a much deeper message. A profound, impacting message that leaves you wondering how you ever got through life not thinking of the things this film stirs within you. Yes, it is about romance and finding the joys in life, but the big issue here is World Poverty, and the G8 summit.

As the character Gina instills within the minds of the electives of each of the countries at the summit, one child dies of starvation every three seconds. Every year thousands of mothers watch their children die, only to die themselves not long after. And while we sit comfortably in our little heated houses or air-conditioned apartments, there are simply millions of people who will not have a home to go tonight. It is a terrible, nagging thought at the back of one's mind that this is happening every minute in the world around us, and it no doubt can make anybody feel helpless. The film leaves us to make our choice of what happens; do the leaders come to the agreement that world poverty is the top of the agenda and that action will take place immediately, or will it simply be pushed down the list and something more "realistic" will be chosen to act upon? Sometimes it is hard to believe that there is even a choice there. Yet every year these people meet and nothing seems to happen.

But, as concert benefits like World8 and Bandaid help us remember, we can make a difference. Gina speaks out and says what her heart believes is right, and through this she makes an impact, albiet small, on the people around her. We can't all be lucky enough to find ourselves as a guest at the G8 summit, but we can help. However preachy I might sound it is true, and you probably know it. And the last thing you need is somebody telling you that this is all happening, but isn't it funny how one, little tele movie can remind you of all these things, and awake those feelings inside of you?

I'm not often serious here on my LJ, but I feel that this a rare moment in which I'm willing to speak up. Watch this film; or if already feel the way I do, act on your feelings. Follow your heart, listen to what's happening in the news, make an impact on somebody else. Donate money to a foundation in which you know is going to help, and not simply send money to people who will probably never get to spend it. There is hope, there is a way to solve the world's problems. If we got ourselves into this mess, then we can sure as hell get ourselves out of it. Be part of the generation that changes the world.

Do what you think is right. Nothing is impossible.
04 April 2007 @ 08:51 pm
Fellow Joker fans on my friends list - I just found where Mark Hamill got his inspiration for the Joker!

The voice is uncanny! I was all prepared to hear this crappy version of the Joker, but man, all he lacks is his real dark psychotic side and better make-up! XD By the way, who liked the girl at the end? She reminded me a bit of Harley, sans accent and affection for Mister J. Whoo! I also loved all the cheesyness of the lines - "Believe me, nothing in life is free!" Batman's little speech to the kids at school. Priceless. Oh and when Batman shows slides of the Joker - "He might be sneaking around here in any of 50 outrageous outfits." XDD

And in other news - I'M FINALLY ON HOLIDAYS. *puts on record of Celebration and boogies* Yes, this is a most joyous occasion. I'm off school for two weeks of solid bliss. No more assesment! Although I'm told next term is going to be extremely hard and lots of pressure, but then it'll be all over. And I'm not too worried, since I just got a B+ on my art essay which I did in my study period an hour before it was due. XD
13 May 2005 @ 04:03 pm

You heard right, Chickadees! Rhea's goin' Friends Only. Comment to be added!